Painter, Acrylic

Jan Martin McGuire paints the wildlife that she has long admired over the course of 25 years.  Born in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies she developed an early love of the outdoors.  As an inveterate tomboy she spent her days climbing trees, catching snakes and drawing the animals she loved.  After moving to Oklahoma she continued her artistic pursuits by taking classes at a local art museum and then attending the University of Tulsa.

Jan’s style of painting is quite representational.  Her works engage her viewers to not only feel like they are looking at her painting, but rather that they are actually there in the scene.  Her textures are so real that one can reach out and feel as if they are running their fingers through the hair of any of her meticulously painted subjects.

Jan creates unique and fine details, textures and lighting that is the hallmark of her work by manipulating paint with her brushes, sponges, saran wrap and fingers.  This out-of-the-ordinary technique allows Jan to create lifelike renditions of fur, feathers, moss, rocks and vegetation.  Surrounding habitat is accurate, yet a natural artistic backdrop that exists in support of her main characters.

A true believer in how experiencing nature plays a critical role in the results of painting it, Jan travels extensively throughout North, South and Central America and four African countries.  She and photographer husband James lead groups regularly to Kenya and Tanzania to study the wild, sketch and draw on site, photograph it and commit their behaviors to memory.

Jan’s work has hung in many prestigious venues including the Smithsonian Museum, London’s Natural History Museum, National Geographic Society, Dallas Museum of Natural History and Gilcrease Art Museum.   She had her first solo show in New York of her African wildlife paintings. Painting Safari: Jan Martin McGuire’s scenes from the African wild which hung in the corporate gallery of FORBES MAGAZINE on 5th Ave. in New York.  Jan’s work has also displayed with the prestigious Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum as well as most of Society of Animal Artists’ Art and the Animal exhibitions.

Her works enhance many private and corporate galleries worldwide, have appeared in numerous books and magazines including National Wildlife Federation, U.S. Art Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, Wildlife Art Magazine, American Artist and International Artist Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, Africa Geographic and Africa Birds and Birding.

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